Drain Snaking & Cleaning

Down the drain it goes.

Using chemicals to unclog drains can erode pipes and make things even worse. Whether it is for a sink, shower or toilet, our plumbers possess a variety of cutting-edge tools to access the issue and solve it fast.‍

Clogged, but manageable.

Drains typically take a lot of punishments. Over time, hair, dirt, grease, heavy dish soap, and other chemicals, can accumulate. It will reduce water flow and eventually clog the pipes completely. These problems are more frequent in commercial bathrooms, where it is impossible to keep guests from dropping or flushing items that were never meant to go down the drains. Sometimes, problems can be too severe, that a complete replacement of the drainage system is a necessity. In this case, a variety of options can be suggested by our plumbers, depending on the situation and property type. Some of these, include digging out, replacing and relining pipes. Multiple signs can hint to clogged or broken drains:
  • Slow/No Draining
  • Toilet Constantly Running
  • Unusual Noises
  • Water Accumulation Near Plumbing
  • Foul Smells Emanating From Drains

Why Galaxy Plumbing?

We have been down the drains and the pipes thousands of times for over twenty years. We can determine a problem faster than any other plumber. We also have great repairs, maintenance and installment advices compatible with your lifestyle and budget. Ask us about the possibility of hydro-jetting, where a powerful water jet is sent into your drain to clean it.

If your

drains are


we will clean

them rigorously.

To infinity and Beyond.

If you want quick and effective service, Galaxy Plumbing is right for you. Not only do we offer the lowest prices on the market, but we also give you the quietude that we know you deserve.
We are the best plumbing experts in the entire galaxy. Your residential plans will always work with ours. We will flush your worries away with the strongest results.

& responsive

No one can match our response time. We offer customer service 24/7, so you know that you are in good hands.


21 years in the business and our professionals have seen it all. We will flush your worries away with our low cost methods and outstanding precision.


There is simply nothing that we can't do: Plumbing noises, dripping or clogged toilets and tanks, weak flushing or overflowing, we have tools and professionals to accommodate you.

It's all love, baby.

We love what we do.
It's pretty much all because of you.

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Glenn Carr ★★★★★
Undeniably the most patient of plumbers. Very reliable and did what he said he will do on time. Top quality above and beyond what was necessary. Every detail and material used with top quality.  Highest recommendation from myself for quality work and doing that little bit extra that most professionals forget to freely give nowadays that say so much of their attitude and relationship building to move forward with. Ready for the next job.
Heather ★★★★★
Rob,  thanks for fitting my small plumbing needs into your busy schedule.  It is so nice to have someone come into your home who truly knows what he is doing and cares about the little guy. Thanks for fixing my list of needs, I really appreciate it.
Marisa Costa ★★★★★
Galaxy plumbing was professional, timely and experience. I was doing some extensive renovations and without their services I would have been greatly set back. They worked with my schedule and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you Galaxy Plumbing!
Adam Vanderheyden ★★★★★
We had some plumbing issues in a home we purchased that didn't turn up during the home inspection. Once we learned of the issues we called Rob at Galaxy. He went above and beyond, inspecting not just the issue we knew about but all of the plumbing in the house. He was very thorough and took the time to answer all of our questions. Would definitely recommend!
Lori Milczarski ★★★★★
Professionalism, respect and great customer service is what Galaxy Plumbing Inc. provided.  We received a response from our initial request for a quote within a day.  Our faucet and attachments were installed completely on the agreed date and continues to work months after the installation.  Staff took great care of our newly installed marble sink, cupboards and floors with proper coverings.  I would recommend Galaxy Plumbing as reliable professional work and reasonable costs. Thank you  Lori, North York
Fiona Pinto De Souza ★★★★★
Rob was excellent. He put in all new plumbing for us and it was done neatly and perfectly. Rob takes pride in his work and it shows. When I was getting the run around from a certain entity for a mixing valve; he stepped up to the plate came in and took care of it. Fitting it into his schedule, this was sincerely appreciated. Thank you Rob. You are a class act!
Shane Bryans ★★★★★
Galaxy plumbing was responsive and professional. I had a minor issue with a pipe and they were able address and fix the issue quickly without up selling. It is so important to find a plumbing company you can trust!
Jonathan Iu ★★★★★
I got a sudden leak in my bathroom so I gave Rob a call based on my friend's high praise on his professionalism. He arrived earlier than expected! Super nice guy, well prepared and very knowledgeable. Most importantly he got the job done promptly! Definitely will use and recommend Galaxy Plumbing Inc again!
Jessica Hoang ★★★★★
I never thought I'd be in the situation where my kitchen sink would become clogged. When I first discovered it, I had no idea what to do or who to call for help. But luckily, I was referred to Rob from Galaxy Plumbing Inc. After a brief chat, Rob said he would make room in his day for me despite having a full schedule. He arrived on time and with his apprentice, Eric. After their inspection, they gave me their professional opinion on the cause of the clogged sink/drain, the possible solutions, and what to do for the future. They went straight to work, removed the clog, and they even tidied up and wiped away the mess under my kitchen sink :)
Ali Tabatabai ★★★★★
Galaxy plumbing came in to take a look at a leak from my shower head and a few other plumbing issues. They arrived on time and were super friendly. They dealt with everything very professionally and got the job done perfectly. I would recommend these guys 100% to anyone that needs any plumbing work.
Anneliese Kaluzny ★★★★★
I searched for a plumber and was lucky to find just the perfect young man. The reviews from Galaxy Plumbing were all positive, and Rob who answered my call confirmed why they have so many 5 stars. Rob was friendly and professional, i would most definitely call on Rob again ,and will recommend him to anybody of my family and friends, when in need of a knowledgeable plumber. Thank you Rob.
Alina G ★★★★★
I was referred to Rob because of his exceptional services and I am really happy with the results and the quality we got. It's like brand new now.

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